Romanian Visa

Romanian Long Stay Visa


All visa applicants have to come personally to the Consulate
with the following documents:

  •  Application for long stay Visa
  • Applicant’s passport valid for at least 3 months over the validity of the requested visa;
  • One recent color passport photo;
  • Proof of legal residence in the United States (valid visa, green card, employment authorization document);
  • Proof of medical insurance;
  • Documents proving the purpose of the trip to Romania, as detailed bellow;
  • Consular fee for processing the visa application.

To view the list of Consular Fees click here: Consular Fees.

Visa applications may not be filed by mail, e-mail or fax. If the applicant cannot come personally to pick up his passport after the visa is issued, he / she has to submit with his visa application a pre-paid self addressed envelope (certified mail).

The documents accompanying the visa application need to be presented in original and a photocopy.

The medical insurance has to cover at least 30,000 Euro and may be bought from one of the following companies: - tel. 18004874722;
Access America tel. 18668073982;
International Corporate Benefits Inc. 18005317939;
Aetna –; Phone: (860) 273-0123.


  1. The long-stay visa, for economical activities, identified through the letters D/AE
  2. The Romanian long-stay visa for professional activities (identified through the letters D/AP)
  3. The Romanian long-stay visa for commercial activities (identified through the letters D/AC)
  4. The Romanian long-stay visa for employment (identified through the letters D/AM)
  5. The Romanian long-stay visa for studies (identified through the letters D/SD)
  6. The Romanian long-stay visa for family reunification (identified through the letters D/VF
  7. The Romanian long-stay visa for religious or humanitarian activities (identified through the letters D/RU)
  8. The Romanian long-stay visa for scientific research (identified through the letters D/CS)
  9. The diplomatic and the official visa (identified through the letters DS)
  10. The Romanian long-stay visa for other purposes (identified through the letters D/AS)



Due to the National Holiday, the Consulate General of Romania IS CLOSED on 24th January 2020 …

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